Chairperson Sungroh Yoon of the Presidential Committee on the Fourth Industrial Revolution Introduces Foreign Press Correspondents to the Direction of National Data Policies

date 2021.03.11


Chairperson Sungroh Yoon of the Presidential Committee on the Fourth Industrial Revolution Introduces Foreign Press Correspondents to the Direction of National Data Policies



□  Korea’s Presidential Committee on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (to be called “PCFIR”) held a meeting with foreign correspondents in Korea and unveiled the direction of national data policies( ) prepared with related ministries and agencies (Feb 17, 2021). The meeting, jointly organized by the PCFIR and the Korean Culture and Information Service under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, was held at the Foreign Press Center Korea located on the 10th floor of the Korea Press Center at 10:00 on Thursday, March 11, 2021. 


ㅇThe meeting aims to introduce foreign press in Korea to the direction of national data policies and the country’s Fourth Industrial Revolution, which were the main topics during meetings between ministers and foreign ambassadors.


ㅇSixteen foreign correspondents from major global media outlets*, including Bloomberg (US), Reuters (UK), and Xinhua News Agency (China), attended the meeting.


* Bloomberg (US), Reuters (UK), Sky News (UK), DPA (Germany), Al Jazeera (Qatar), Tass (Russia), Sputnik (Russia), South China Morning Post (Hong Kong), CCTV (China), Xinhua News Agency (China), Central News Agency (Taiwan), Jyllands-Posten (Denmark), etc.


□ Created (October 11, 2017) along with the inauguration of the Moon administration, the PCFIR is a presidential commitee based on a public-private partnership that facilitates digital transformation and deliberates on and coordinates government policies related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 


ㅇThe PCFIR is jointly chaired by Prime Minister Sye-kyun Chung and Professor Sungroh Yoon at Seoul National University. The PCIFR consists of approximately 40 members, including 20 civilian members and 12 ministers, including the Minister of Science and ICT, the Minister of Economy and Finance, and the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy, as well as the Presidential Science and Technology Advisor.     


□ The PCFIR developed basic plans and a framework for Korea’s policies related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution; and deliberated on and coordinated government policies for data, networks and artificial intelligence, which are the fundamentals for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.   


 ㅇ During Phase 1 and 2 (October 2017 - February 2020), the PCFIR came up with people-centered plans to respond to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (November 30, 2017) and announced recommendations for the government regarding the Fourth Industrial Revolution (October 25, 2019), laying down a foundation for related policies. 


- In addition, the PCFIR created two special subcomittees: the special digital healthcare subcommittee established comprehensive strategies for medical data sovereignty and public health; and the special smart city subcommittee selected and provided support for Sejong and Busan as pilot smart cities and is currently developing plans for Smart City 2.0. 

ㅇDuring Phase 3 (February 2020 - March 2021), the PCFIR performed as the “national AI committee,” offering a key platform. During this phase, the PCFIR established a plan to build an AI research hub (June 2020), developed ethical guidelines on AI (December 2020), and contributed to preparing a roadmap for improving overall laws, regulations and systems related to AI (December 2020). 


- This past February, the PCFIR created a special data subcommittee to vitalize the data economy and appointed 50 subcommittee members (26 from the private sector and 24 from the government sector). The subcommittee is expected to accelerate the accomplishment of achievements and add vitality to the digital economy by combining the capabilities of the private and government sectors in implementing data policies that previously varied by ministries. 



- The PCFIR identified and reviewed key tasks for the private sector through the special data subcommittee and unveiled the direction of national data policies ( ).


□  During his opening remarks, Chairperson Yoon said, “I expect the PCFIR, particularly the special data subcommittee, to work as the data control tower encompassing both the public and private sectors, adding vitality to the data economy led by the private sector.”


□ During the following presentation, Ilkwon Bae, Data Policy Planning Officer from the PCFIR introduced 11 tasks and 9 services that can give the public first-hand experience of the effects of data. They aim to create tangible value from data in line with the accelerating growth of the digital economy.



ㅇ The 11 tasks tackle long-standing issues identified by the private sector. They are also the special data subcommittee’s key tasks that require integration and coordination at the government level. The tasks aim to innovate the data ecosystem to make it private sector-oriented. They also intend to transform the government             to make it data-focused.  


ㅇThe 9 services will help the public experience the importance of data and give companies confidence in investment. The PCFIR will develop data use cases during this presidential administration to give the public first-hand experience of the effects of data in different areas, including medicine, daily life and welfare.   


□ Chairperson Yoon said, “In the digital society, data plays a crucial part just like crude oil. We need a meta-governance to oversee data policies that are dispersed in the public and private sectors. Effective data utilization will bring about the era of ‘data sapiens’ where we will be able to enjoy a more convenient life and create added value from data. For this, the PCFIR will exert its effort to enhance the awareness of data in and outside of Korea.”


ㅇ“We will frequently communicate with the foreign press and people from foreign embassies in Korea and continue our effort to more effectively and globally promote the Korean government’s direction of policies and current issues related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”


If more detailed information related to this press release is needed, please contact Eon-yong Lee, Deputy Director of the Operation Support Team of PCFIR Secretariat  

(☎ 02-750-4732)



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