4차 산업혁명 규제·제도혁신 해커톤

Now that the 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us,
new institutional issues are arising amid the birth of new industries and destruction of the old order.
The PCFIR encourages public debates on these issues and controversies,
involving acute conflicts of interest, hoping to find suitable answers and solutions through discourse.

The PCFIR serves as the intermediator and coordinator of these debates and helps participants discuss and find specific reform measures.

Characteristics of the Hackathon

  • Issues on the agenda, solutions, and executive plans must all be identified and selected based on the consensus of participants.
  • Participants face no limits to their speech, but professional facilitators will mediate the debates.
  • Working together, the participants draft a final version of the consensus, which is then relayed to the respective ministries and departments. The results of the debates are monitored and checked.


- Preparations
  • Decide on the issues to be discussed.
  • Select participants, including those from both the public and private sector.
  • Organize preliminary discussions/meetings, both online and offline, for the analysis and finalization of the issues on the agenda and the detailed debate plan.
- Hackathon
  • Share core issues.
  • Organize debates (opening → discussion → convergence).
  • Draft plans for regulatory and institutional reforms.
  • Organize meetings with policymakers.
  • Draft the final consensus.
- Follow-up
  • Produce detailed action plans.
  • Monitor and follow up with the government and National Assembly’s implementation of the plans.
  • Confirm progress on a quarterly basis, and share feedback with Hackathon participants.