About 4TH-IR

Shift to the next revolution accelerated

01 Government-wide

Ministerial Policy Review Review and coordinate Fourth Industrial Revolution policies through quarterly governmentwide ministerial meetings

02 Operation of Special Committees and Sub Committees

Operate the Special Committees on Data, Digital Healthcare, Smart City, Etc. on a continued basis

03 Reinforcement of Policy Recommendations

Make the agenda, release policy recommendations (present direction of policies), and monitor their implementation

04 Systemization of the Hackathon

Run the agenda selection committee and Hackathon, establish the follow-up management process, etc.

05 Reinforcement of Public-Private Cooperation and Communication

Regular on-site conferences Conferences to ensure policy exchanges between the central and local governments Form and operate expert groups for different policy sectors Enhance public awareness through education, promotional activities, etc.

06 Conferences in South Korea and Abroad

Organize policy conferences in South Korea and abroad to create a benchmark for advanced Fourth Industrial Revolution policies and establish a global network